Our Team

Our team is made up of key members that multi task and can quickly adapt to the ever changing world of rescue. They are quick thinkers and compassionate and able to identify the needs and requirements of our rescues.

Located in the heart of Egypt’s south central Province of Minya that is located 5 plus hours drive by car south of Cairo. This location makes it extremely difficult to manage any type of rescue for the shear fact of distance to the nearest international airport. 

Our team is always on standby to assist when called upon. Being local and from the local community, allows us to have easy and prompt access to any injured, or urgent rescues. 

Our team members are also located in Cairo Egypt for ease of travel and more access to dogs and cats in need of rescue. 

Working together with our Canadian team members we are now more confident and are able to find loving homes as well as better veterinary care for these rescues. 

We are self efficient when it comes to our operation. Our sister company Tech Monkeys handles our web and IT for a considerable savings that allows us to unitize the funds raised to best serve our rescues and perhaps allow us to rescue more animals. A penny saved is a penny earned.